"if flowers can grow
through blankets of melting snow,
there is hope for me." %


tao replies to haters

Lay's Changsha Rap 140727 (ft. Chanyeol beatbox)
Lay (Zhang Yixing)


Lay’s rap about Changsha culture, history and food during his self-introduction at the Lost Planet in Changsha 140727 (ft. Chanyeol doing  the beatbox)

Cut from the audio live stream by EXO_LIVE-宅男直播间

This kid is so proud of his hometown. The rap is about how Changsha has thousands years of history with many historical cites and delicious food, and how every Changsha people is proud to make the future of Changsha better. I’m so proud to hear that Yixing still treasures his connections with his hometown so much. He once mentioned that his relatives and friends were all invited to this concert. They must be so proud of him. He really is the little pride of Changsha.

And Lay rapping really is the cutest.

It has been so hard and tiring but great nonetheless, there were so many of you I was thrilled. I’m out of words. I can’t express how touched I am after seeing your efforts, all of you have worked really hard. I’m very happy, thank you for showing me a good time whilst performing in my hometown for the first time ever and thank you for showing your love to all the other members. No wonder they said you’re just like me. These photos are for you ^_^
source: yixing’s weibo | trans: fy-yixing

photo by layful;DO NOT EDIT.
photo by layful;
"I was touched the most at that time when everyone was really tired, we are aware of how big the problem would be, specially for K, they have it harder since they don’t have time to sleep. Everyone in M was also particularly down. But even if they are obviously tired, K would come and cheer up M. Like Baekhyun and Chanyeol, they would immediately ran over to cheer us up. Suho and Kai as well. Kyungsoo too, even if its out of his character to go "wah wah wah", he would call me "ge" and massage my shoulders. Sehun touched me the most, though he is the youngest but he is very thoughtful to us his hyungs. He would always shout "EXO!!! We are one!!" cheering everyone up with a big smile. Watching this kid being like this, without anyone noticing, I ran to a corner and cried for quite a long time."


[Contemporary Pop Magazine] Yixing on what he believes to be the most important moment

 (c) Layminiiiii酱’s scans

Yixing: “All our rehearsals before consisted of 12 persons, already completely formed. Practicing for a few months, the last week could have been used for polishing. When suddenly a person left, the front looks empty. Like a pizza was missing a piece, originally 6 then became 5. We need to fill up the missing piece so we must constantly change formation. That one week, we had to start at 9 in the morning, practicing till 6, the next morning. The K kids cannot even rest, they had to go to broadcasting stations for (Overdose) promotions. M would briefly go back to the dorm to recharge and then return back to the company. Repeat, repeat, this went on for a week. This mental torture and physical exhaustion, this is how the members support each other, encourage each other. This is the most unforgettable memory.”


[Contemporary Pop Magazine] Question: The week before the concert as we all know was very hard, what was the most difficult part of it?

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Q: Which part of your body are you most confident with?

Jongdae: Left foot 4th toe

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